As usual, this year also, Sri Venkateswara Puja Samithi at RDSO/Lucknow is celebrating Srinivasa Kalyanam on 27th November this year. RDSO members and friends may please send their conributions to the following Banks directly:

Sri Venkateswara Puja Samithi
A/c. No.500101010237015
IFS Code: CIUB0000384,
City Union Bank Ltd., 19-A, Hala Complex,
Ashok Marg, Sapra Marg, (Opp. Jawahar Bhavan) Lucknow-226001 (U.P)
Phone: 0522-2288544 / Mob: 07499316077.

You can also send your contribution to SVP Samithy directly into their SB Account No.1304564228 of Central Bank of India, Manaknagar, Lucknow, through any Central Bank of India Branch.

You can access the Invitation for the Kalyanam HERE!

2. Get-together held on Sunday, the 30th January, 2011:

The Get-Together as voluntarily and kindly arranged by Iyer Brothers (Sons of late Shri N.K. Iyer, ex RDSO) was held on 30.01.11 at Malola Mini Hall, Habibullah Road, T. Nagar, from 2 to 6 pm. About 30 members of RDSO Retired Group comprising about 65 heads participated in this Get Together. The Get-Together was dedicated to the memory of late Shri N.K. Iyer, the expenses for the same having been entirely borne by Iyer brothers. Some Members have come all the way from Bangalore to attend the Get Together, viz. S/Shri S. Rajagopalan, T.R. Surendra Nath, R.Raghavendiran, and special welcome was given to them.

It was emphasised that the second generation people, i.e. the children of RDSO Retired Group Members, should volunteer to organize these Get-Togethers in future while funding will be provided by the RDSO Retired Core Group.

Before commencement of the Get-Together, an obituary reference was made to those departed souls since the last Get-Together, viz. to Late S/Shri L.R. Parthasarathy, V. Rangarajan, T.B. Lakshmanachari, C.G. Bashyam, and N. Arumugham and a one-minute silence was observed in their memory and to rest their souls in peace.

A few members voluntarily contributed towards expenses and their names and their contributions were added to the Accounts which can be viewed by clicking HERE! The photograpahs taken on the occasion have now been deleted

3. General Information on Get-Togethers arranged by us.

The first Get-Together of RDSO families was arranged by Mr. K.Santhanam at the Arihant Apartments at his own expenses on his 70th Birthday.  The next one was arranged on 17th FEB 2008 at GRAYSHOTT, R.A.Puram, wherein about 40 to 50 families participated.   Some members from outside Tamil Nadu also participated and enjoyed the company of old friends.  Again it was arranged on 18th MAY 2008 and the attendance was very thin.   Overall, everybody appreciated and found enjoyment in meeting our old friends and refresh our evergreen memories of unforgettable living and standing together in all ups and downs of each and every family during our life at Delhi, Chittaranjan, Simla and Lucknow.   During the get-together on 17.2.08 many friends contributed Rs.4350/- and as on that date a sum of Rs.2,480/- was available.   Our friend Mr. K.Ramachandran has created a web site as RDSO RETIRED GROUP (http://www.rdsoretired.info) for the benefit of RDSO families where, after logging into the FORUM one can see many details, addresses of our friends, 6th CPC details, views of our friends, etc. etc.  All our colleagues are requested to register themselves in the Forum so that one can know the whereabouts of our colleagues. 

Contact names & Ph. Nos.

1. Sri S.Sethuraman
(044) 4306 6447

2. Sri K.Ramachandran
(044) 4350 2312

3. Sri P.Srinivasan
(044) 2471 8436

9 DEC 2008


To see more details and information, please go to the Forum. As per the changed settings, you have to register on the Forum and await approval of your request for registration from the Admininstrator. To be eligible to be a member of the Forum, you have to be a serving/retired official of Indian Railways or his ward. Otherwise, your request for registration will be rejected.